The So Cal Pacers are an athletic club focused on everything running & walking with members participating from all over Southern California.  We are a registered member of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), a professional organization dedicated to promoting running clubs and events for a healthier lifestyle. If you’re looking to run your first marathon or want to build up your athletic base, we’re here for you with support and coaching. We welcome members of all ability levels, so come achieve your personal best with the So Cal Pacers!

Our 2021-2022 So Cal Pacers Board of Directors:

  • President: Linda Kimble
  • Vice President: Jennifer Anazawa
  • Treasurer: Craig Sunada with assistance from David Whisiker
  • Secretary: Kathy Wong

Committee Chairs: 

  • Route Mapping/Workout Coordinators: Denise Mesdjian
  • Merchandise Management: Patrice Daskas
  • Special Events: Carolyn Masuda
  • Water & Refreshment (Bonelli Runs): Derek Hollinshead (North Team)
  • Water & Refreshment (Chino Hills Runs): Ricky Chan, Betty Kuo, and Linda Bechtold (South Team)
  • Social Media Coordinator: Jennifer Anazawa (Interim – Open)
  • Website, PayPal Support, AFC: Jim Yoshida

Board of Directors Members At-Large Representatives:

  • Lorna Bjorklund – Prior SCP President and Treasurer
  • Patrice Daskas – Prior SCP President and Vice President
  • Doug Evans – Prior SCP Vice President
  • Marcia Paetau – Prior SCP Secretary and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Liaison and BOD Auxillary Group for Volunteers
  • Dan Henderson – Los Angeles Marathon Legacy Member and Students Run L.A. Coach