Pace Leaders

Welcome to our SCP Pace Leader page where you’ll find some of the best running talent around. These folks are a key component of our So Cal Pacers family. They’re here to welcome new members and to introduce them to fellow club members, to help organize our pre-workout stretch and warm-up, to oversee our road safety, keep us on pace and/or to help find your workout pace that works for you, and most of all, to help make our group walk/runs an enjoyable and fun experience! Our pace leaders can be a terrific source of feedback for your individual training regimen.  And remember, they’ll be familiar with our training routes and our aid stations, so feel free to introduce yourselves and they’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Presently, we have Pace Leaders for the following groups (measured in minutes per mile):








3 minute run/2 minute walk

8 minute run/2 minute walk

We also have backup Pace Leaders, so if you don’t find your usual Pace Leader, just give a shout out for the pace time you’re looking for before we start off on our route and our Pace Leaders and/or members will point you in the right direction. And remember, you can always run your own pace! We have plenty of people who put in speed/tempo work and are often able to take advantage of going back and forth between Pace Groups! (This is considered a bonus for some of you social butterflies!) 

Looking forward to seeing you with us! Do you have some specific questions regarding our Pace Groups? Just contact our friendly and helpful Pace Leader Coordinator, Doug, at